Jobs: Director of Operations

Updated: 12.14.2020
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Ministry Overview
Trinity on the Border began its work in the Rio Grande Valley in July 2015 when Fr. Michael and Dr. Erica Jarrett M.D. were sent to develop an Anglican response to some of the issues that are specific to our southern border. We are a chapel and outreach mission of the ACNA serving in various capacities along the South Texas border.

Historically, our work has focussed on serving among the vulnerable (migrants, immigrants, and the poor) but this is not all that we do. Our ministry includes: a free medical clinic, working with an immigrant shelter and other local ministries to the vulnerable, a K-4th Grade school, a weekly healing service, a weekly Sunday Eucharist, and occasional Holy Day services.

We are supported by churches from at least seven ACNA dioceses and by individuals from churches in just about every diocese.

Job Overview

The Director of Operations position will assist Fr. Michael in leading and managing all of the day-to-day, week-to-week operations of the mission. This will include such things as:

Financial Management
Facilities Management
Staff Management
Scheduling & Coordination of Ministries and Staff
Overseeing Outreach/Service Programs
Managing Relationships with Partner Ministries
Assisting with Fundraising

Because of our location and its pressing needs, all of our staff spend a portion of their week working with immigrants.

This is not a clergy position but there are opportunities for clergy to serve in that capacity as well if a priest or deacon desires to apply.

Our Vision
Our desire is to be a compelling expression of Christianity for the 21st century. We would like to see the Anglican Church grow here along the border out of our culture of service, outreach work with the vulnerable, care for our community, care for God’s creation, and commitment to historically Christian beliefs and practices. We take a lot of our cues from the positive aspects of New World missions in Texas and California.

Ideal Candidate
This is a missionary position. An applicant should be very aware of that. Outside of the team, there is not an Anglican community anywhere nearby. As a missionary, you are joining a mission culture more so than simply filling a job role. Although most of our work is in Harlingen, TX we do work from Matamoros, Mexico to Mcallen, TX (60 miles apart), so the Director of Operations must be organized yet VERY flexible, adaptable, and an independent worker.

A candidate should have several years experience of organizational leadership and management, preferably running a team of 6 or more people. Ideally, they would also be reasonably proficient and comfortable with the following (or similar): Word, Excel, WordPress, Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.

We are on the Mexican border. Someone with affection, experience, and/or desire for Hispanic ministry would be ideal. That said, we work with people from all over the world down here. It is a very international job. The main thing we need is a good attitude and willingness to work outside of your comfort zone.

Candidates that desire to be bi-vocational will be considered, however, your other job should probably be something you bring with you. Salaries are not high for part-time jobs in our area.

Time and Compensation
All of our missionaries must raise a portion of their own salary. The amount of pay is dependent upon experience and estimated hours you will be “on the job” (you’re a missionary, you’re never really off the job).

About Harlingen
Harlingen is a town of about 75,000. We are approximately 15 miles from the Mexican border and around 30 miles North of the southernmost part of the continental U.S. (we’re about the same latitude as Miami). We are about 45 minutes from South Padre Island and within 30 minutes from some of the best coastal fishing in America. We’re one of the top retirement areas in the country with another 100,000 “winter Texans” coming down for the months of December – April. If you’ve never been to the Rio Grande Valley – it’s a whole other world.