Is God calling you to spend a few years (or longer perhaps) as a missionary on the South Texas border?

We are actively searching for people to fill the following positions. Please contact us, if you are interested.


As a chapel and outreach ministry working among the vulnerable, we have a lot going on. Our Missionary Curacy is for priests, deacons, or candidates for Holy Orders with a missionary heart who desire to gain a deep experience and formation being a missionary pastor out in the community. Details

Our Missionary Fellowship is for anyone over the age of 21 with a missionary heart who desires to gain a deep Christian experience and formation being a missionary along the south Texas border. Details

We are looking for people who feel called to serve as a missionary along the South Texas border. There are several areas we wish to develop depending on the skills of the person God sends us. These areas include: sustainable agriculture, public health, community nursing, ESL & citizenship, immigrant advocacy, after-school programming, elementary school teacher, communications, and administration. Details


Operations Manager
We have one of the most active outreach programs in the county. We have a missionary health clinic and an exemplary elementary school as well. We are looking for someone who feels called to join our team to help us manage and grow our ministry in this part of the border.   Details

Senior Missionary Chaplain (Priest or Deacon)
We have a responsive outreach service ministry that offers pastoral services through and to our partner ministries over a 60 mile stretch of the Texas/Mexico border and we use our Missionary Curates to help meet these needs. We are looking for someone to help us manage all these various programs.  Details

Immigrant Children’s Coordinator
Save the Children, an international aid organization focused on children, has partnered with us to sponsor this position. The Children’s Coordinator will work for Trinity on the Border but be trained and mentored by Save the Children.  Details

Elementary Teacher
Our K-6th grade school is looking for a missionary elementary school teacher.  Details