deaf skype convo

With a little help from modern technology and our friends at the Isaiah 55 mission to the deaf in Reynosa we were able to help a deaf and illiterate man at the La Posada shelter – crazy world, good God.

posada at la posada 1

The Nativity Posada at La Posada immigrant shelter. Incredible experience following behind immigrant Mary and Joseph and being turned away at the different doors until finally the one let us in and Christ was “born” there.

vbs at i55

We went over to the Isaiah 55 mission in Reynosa this evening for their VBS and to have dinner. Fun times. Tons of kids there, all from the worst part of town imaginable (except for the 4 “Anglos” on the left).

Watercolors at La Posada

Jacob says he’s lived all around the world. Most recently he came with his mom and two sisters from South Africa. They have moved off on their own but had to come back to La Posada to finish some of their paperwork.