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Updated: 12.13.2021
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Ministry Overview
Trinity on the Border began its work in the Rio Grande Valley in July 2015 when Fr. Michael and Dr. Erica Jarrett M.D. were sent to develop an Anglican response to some of the issues that are specific to our southern border. We are a chapel and outreach mission of the ACNA serving in various capacities along the South Texas border.

As a "chapel and outreach" ministry we are organizationally a hybrid of a conventional "parish/church" and a "non-profit service ministry."

Our ministry serves among the vulnerable (migrants, immigrants, and the poor) through our free clinic and our work with our partner immigrant shelters, but our ministry also includes Morning Prayer, Sunday Eucharist, Mid-week Community group and Compline, and occasional Holy Day services.

Our mercy ministry work is supported by individuals, foundations, and churches across the USA and Canada. Our church partners span many dioceses of the ACNA and also include non-Anglican churches.

Our congregation began gathering regularly for worship in 2018. We are demographically diverse but all English speakers. Currently we are about 16 adults and 16 children on any given Sunday with ages ranging from 1 - 83 years old.

Job Overview
Our Missionary Curacy is for those who desire to be formed for a future of an active, contemplative, pastoral ministry out in the community (as opposed to in the office). The work includes: working with the poor, and with immigrants from around the world as well as the more typical pastoral work of leading services, teaching, and pastoral visitations.

The curacy is a 22-24 month experience designed to give you (and your family) some practical skills in service, working in uncomfortable outreach situations, and generally being a pastor out in the community Our location on the south Texas border creates a unique opportunity to develop skills that you can take with you into your future ministry whether you continue with us down here, go off into foreign missions, or go elsewhere in North America.

Much of the spiritual formation of the curacy is informed by Benedictine and Franciscan practices.

Generally, we interview applicants until March/April and then accept an applicant who will begin in August and serve with us for about 2 years. In the second year of your curacy, part of your job is to help train the first year curate.

You can read more about the Missionary Curacy in our Missionary Curacy handbook.

Also, our Winter 2021 Newsletter was a spotlight on our Missionary Curacy. You can view it here.

Our Vision
Our desire is to be a compelling expression of Christianity for the 21st century. We would like to see the Anglican Church grow here along the border out of our culture of service, outreach work with the vulnerable, care for our community, care for God’s creation, and commitment to historically Christian beliefs and practices. We take a lot of our cues from the positive aspects of New World missions in Texas and California.

Ideal Candidate
This is a missionary position. An applicant should be very aware of that. Outside of the team, there is not an Anglican community anywhere nearby. As a missionary, you are joining a mission culture more so than simply filling a job role. A missionary curate must be flexible, adaptable, and a self-starter. Read this paragraph again. :)

We are on the Mexican border. Someone with affection, experience, and/or desire for Hispanic ministry would be ideal. That said, we work with people from all over the world down here. It is a very international job. The main thing we need is a good attitude and willingness to work outside of your comfort zone.

Time and Compensation
Our Missionary Curates raise their own salary but step one of the curacy is learning the skills to do this. The amount of pay is dependent upon experience and your family’s need.

About Harlingen
Harlingen is a town of about 75,000. We are approximately 15 miles from the Mexican border and around 30 miles North of the southernmost part of the continental U.S. (we're about the same latitude as Miami). We are about 45 minutes from South Padre Island and within 30 minutes from some of the best coastal fishing in America. We're one of the top retirement areas in the country with another 100,000 "winter Texans" coming down for the months of December - April. If you've never been to the Rio Grande Valley - it's a whole other world.